[Thrashin Supply Co.] 3/4 Baseball Tee ベースボール 3/4袖 Tシャツ

  • ¥4,990

[Thrashin Supply Co.] 3/4 Baseball Tee ベースボール 3/4袖 Tシャツ

CaliforniaのSFV(サンフェルナンドバレー)のバイク好きな親しい友達仲間で設立されたThrashin Supply Co. というカスタムショップのオリジナル3/4 Baseball Tee (ベースボール 3/4袖 Tシャツ)になります。

THRASHIN was started by a group of tight friends from the San Fernando Valley with a passion for two wheels. They started to find themselves buying parts to then cut, weld, and redesign them to fit their riding styles. Today THRASHIN works with some of the leading V-Twin aftermarket parts manufacturers such as Feuling Parts and Bassani Xhaust to bring cutting edge American made parts to the market. Designed and made in Los Angeles, used everywhere.

色: グレー/ブラックスリーブ
素材: コットン100%
サイズ:S, M, L 

Item # Thrashin 3/4 Baseball Tee


S 着丈: 70cm真ん中 (64cm外側) 身幅: 46cm 袖丈: 40cm(肩外側まで) 

M 着丈: 74cm真ん中 (71cm外側) 身幅: 49cm 袖丈: 42cm(肩外側まで)

L 着丈: 77cm真ん中 (73cm外側) 身幅: 56cm 袖丈: 44cm(肩外側まで)





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